Advantages of Organic or Natural Foam Mattresses

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The mattresses that are organic are manufactured with natural materials. They are non-toxic; do not contain any harmful chemicals or synthetic products. They keep you warm in winters and cool in the hot summers and are breathable. 

For the patients suffering from asthma, allergies or any respiratory issues, an organic mattress is the most preferred choice. Moreover, the mattresses produced organically are healthier for young kids and babies. The certified organic mattresses are mostly produced by a mixture of layering natural wool or organic cotton and include natural latex. Though they are expensive than most traditional spring mattresses their price range is comparable to the popular memory foam mattresses available commonly in the market. 

The most high-priced option is natural latex and wool combination while the least expensive would be the organic spring or cotton design. A mattress that possesses the certification of Green-guard Environmental Institute is best considered for those who suffer from allergies. This certification means that the product is designed in a way that it meets indoor air quality and maintains the standard of low emission.

Pros of Organic Mattresses

  • Repels dust-mites (resulting in few allergy symptoms)
  • Anti-bacterial
  • Mould resistant
  • Free of chemicals (they aren’t treated with toxic chemicals and not produced by synthetic poly-urethanes which are known to trigger allergies)
  • Extra-absorbing 
  • Naturally fire-resisting
  • Insulating and breathable materials have the quality of keeping you warm in winter and cool during summer.
  • Mostly can be customized in accordance with firmness levels
  • Manufactured from biodegradable materials and are eco-friendly

Cons of Organic Mattresses

Some common drawbacks are:

  • Some users find a strange smell in the new organic mattresses
  • Organic mattresses are expensive when compared with other mattresses.

Long-Lasting Quality

Compared with any other mattress (except the ones made of horsehair) the natural latex ones have the longest spans and are most durable mattresses. The density is directly proportional to its longevity and durability. The long-life is ensured if the foam is extremely dense. 

In some cases, they remain cozy and pleasant for 40-50 years, due to the intensity of their density. However, due to the use of fillers, blended latex or synthetic mattresses lose support get damaged rapidly.

The reason to choose an organic crib mattress

A safe, clean and healthy choice for your baby is the organic mattress for crib. Any regular and traditional mattress in a crib may have toxic products, like:

  • PVC
  • DEHP and other phthalates (studies have shown they are linked to obesity, asthma and other afflictions)
  • Using the foam made of polyurethane; it is inflammable and is oftentimes, treated wit toxic chemical fire-resistant which is banned in California and Europe.

The worries are lessened when an organic crib mattress is used since there are no man-made additives or any dangerous and toxic chemicals involved. The allergy symptoms and other sensitivities are minimized because the products used in its manufacturing are naturally fee of moulds and dust mites. There are plenty of natural foam mattress reviews available on so many platforms. Before choosing or purchasing any mattress, carry out your research and be firm in choosing 100% organic materials. Not every green or eco-friendly mattress is created equal. The mattress should not contain products like boric acid, phosphorus, arsenic or plastic. The process of manufacturing and its components should be non-toxic. The mattress that shall meet your needs must have words like certified or organic.

Written By VerleneMrotz